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Program begins 9:30 am
Program ends approximately 3:30 pm
Frontier Room, Westerner park

June 14, 2023
Jeremy Hildebrand
Exploring Regenerative Farm Technologies to Achieve Net Zero Goals Within a Five Year Payback Period

Going green has traditionally been something viewed as something that is going to cost more to do, but has to be done. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Jeremy Hildebrand, CEO at Agrihub, presents information on examples of solutions that could work for both large and small farming operations.

Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson
An Alberta Approach to Building Resiliency on the Farm

Whether it’s accessing resources for yourself, or pointing a farmer in the right direction, AgKnow is your key partner in the evolving landscape of farm mental health. Our goal is to increase resiliency in farming communities, de-stigmatize mental health through a farm-focused referral network, and stay connected with all stakeholders in the Albertan agriculture industry.

Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson is an Applied Social Psychologist and Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus, located in Camrose, Alberta. She is also a research associate of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities.

More recently, she has narrowed her research to one industry:agriculture. Working with community partners across the province and collaborating with other researchers across Canada, she is examining the experience of mental health among agricultural producers, veterinarians, and farm families and identifying ways to build their resilience to ongoing stressors. This line of research is a natural fit as she has lived on a farm, worked as a farm labourer on large livestock operations (including a turkey farm) and smaller family-run farms, and is a survivor of a childhood farming accident.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Mitigating the Risk of Avian Influenza

Spring is on the way– and with the return of migrating birds, we see predictable waves of poultry infections with influenza. Avian Influenza was devastating to Alberta flocks in 2022. Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt – a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and professor of veterinary medicine at the Université de Montreal, is an expert in poultry health and biosecurity – and focuses on developing strategies to help to control the risk of infection with diseases such as Avian Influenza. This presentation will review actions and essential biosecurity steps to help maintain healthy flocks and minimize the chance of Avian Influenza infections on farm.

Heshanthi Herath
Chantel Caughlin
Muhammad Farooq
Matt Oryschak
Student Presentations

These students have prepared 3 minute videos describing their research.  Additional videos from Kelsey O’Dowd,
PhD candidate from UCVM and Fatima Ishara Isham, MSc student from University of Calgary will also be available on our website.

Jerry Emmanuel
Stories from the Field - A Case Study

Problem solving on the farm requires teamwork.  Jerry Emmanuel will present a case study that helped to troubleshoot and eventually find a solution.  The audience will have the chance to see if they can find the solution in this interactive presentation!

Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh
Water matters!!

Water is the number one input to the poultry industry, affecting birds' growth, efficiency, overall performance, and livability. Each farm has a unique water supply and system, so rather than just a “chart” of facts you need access to a systematic decision process. In this presentation, learn how the Poultry Innovation Partnership has distilled knowledge about water from the most current scientific resources and converted it into a systematic decision-making tool. The app will help you understand your specific issues and needs and provide you with the information and tools to make sound decisions.

Mike Froese, Producer
JP Vaillancourt, PhD
Dr. Teryn Girard
Is it possible? Panel discussion with industry experts including Mike Froese

Avian Influenza had a devastating effect on the Alberta poultry industry in 2022.  This panel discussion will discuss lessons learned, how we are managing birds and the industry in a post-AI world and how we can level up and get better.