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June 13, 2024
Brandy Addai
Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator, Alberta Poultry Industry Emergency Management Team
Alberta Poultry Industry’s Emergency Depopulation Equipment

Brandy Addai will provide producers with a summary of Alberta Poultry Industry’s newly acquired emergency depopulation equipment, this will include CO2 monitors, TED guns,  MAC carts and full barn gassing equipment, with information about training and support available to poultry industry producers. 

Learn about the process developed to utilize this equipment as Brandy Addai,  Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator from the Alberta Poultry Industry Emergency Management team walks you through the steps.

Confused about how you can depopulate in an emergency situation? Wondering who could help? All your questions will be answered in the Alberta Poultry Industry’s Emergency Depopulation Equipment information presentation at the 2024 Western Poultry Conference.

Brandy addai
Dr. Teryn Girard
DVM, Prairie Livestock Veterinarians, Sessional Instructor at UCVM
Vaccination - Top Ten Tips for Success

Join renowned poultry veterinarian Dr. Teryn Girard as she outlines how to find success with vaccination, including examples and tips for all commodities of poultry. She will discuss different types of vaccines, what happens when you choose to vaccinate, and how to improve your vaccination skill set. Meeting the challenge of getting a good titre at the end. Bring your questions and experiences to this important conversation!

Learn the top ten tips for success in poultry vaccination from renowned poultry veterinarian Dr. Teryn Girard! 

Bring your questions and experiences to an enlightening presentation of Vaccination - Top Ten Tips for Success with well-known poultry veterinarian Dr. Teryn Girard. 

Want to improve your vaccination skills? Learn why it matters and the best way to succeed when vaccinating your flock. Join us at the 2024 WPC and hear speaker Dr. Teryn Girard as she shares her top ten tips for successful poultry vaccination. 

Teryn Girard
Coming soon
Student Presentations

Student winners will be selected late May 2024

David Speller
Broiler Producer, Founder and CEO of OPTIfarm and Applied Group
Using Data to Improve your Bottom Line

David Speller outlines the unlimited possibilities of using big data with existing equipment on farms. He will show you how to track, explore and understand your data for fascinating insights and a deeper understanding of production on your farm. Running a farm is demanding, and the volumes of data being collected can be overwhelming. Speller has designed a system to condense data findings into a comprehensive but brief summary, offering essential insights in just a few sentences. 

What to do with all that data? Speaker David Speller will show you how AI driven services can track the behaviour of your animals, identify changes, and explore the likely causes. He has developed tools to assist producers in checking and correcting any issues on the farm.

Don't miss the opportunity to demystify data and learn how to incorporate AI into your farm management decision making process in an easy to use, easy to understand, time efficient way.

David Speller

Art van Zantem

Top Ten Ways to Support Each Other in Good and Bad Times

Panel with Alberta Chicken Producers: Henk Schuur and Adrian Tobler.


Farming life can mean long hours, hard work, isolation, stress, and unpredictable challenges. There are also huge wins and moments of joy and celebration. Sharing these highs and lows with a like-minded community of fellow farmers, neighbours and friends is an invaluable resource for both health and happiness. 

Speaker Art Van Zanten will share his experiences with rural producer groups that provide support, reduce isolation, and bring back community in a responsible way. Art's talk will be followed by a panel discussion with producers who have found great benefits from their own rural networks and community.

What is a rural support group for farmers? Come to the WPC presentation of the Top Ten Ways to Support Each Other in Good and Bad Times and learn why these groups are formed, what benefits they bring to members and how to go about forming your own rural producer group.  

Feeling isolated? Looking for a place to talk business and meet new people? Interested in finding out how others are handling issues like AI, biosecurity, changing weather? Learn about producer created rural support groups at the 2024 WPC!

It's time to become more neighbourly again! Come out to the 2024 WPC and hear speaker Art Van Zanten describe his experiences with producer groups for support and community. Bring your own questions and ideas to the panel discussion following his talk. Let's gather and talk!


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Raymond Funk


President, Summit Technologies

Tips to Improve Your Ventilation by Managing Summer Heat Stress and Winter Humidity

Speaker Raymond Funk of Summit Technologies will share information and tips to help producers manage humidity and improve ventilation in their poultry barns. Poultry producers are experiencing weather extremes with both cold and heat. Preparation is essential to prevent catastrophic outcomes. Topics such as misting, tunnel ventilation, managing airflow and what to do when heat and humidity collide will be covered in this timely and important presentation. 

Weather patterns are becoming less predictable and more extreme in both winter and summer seasons. Learn how to be proactive in your barns to avoid the dire consequences of improper ventilation and airflow. Manage humidity in your barns before it becomes a problem. Learn about tunnel ventilation and how older barns can be converted to adapt this technology. 

Questions about ventilation in your barn? Not sure how to cope with extreme temperatures? Don't miss the Tips to Improve Your Ventilation by Managing Summer Heat Stress and Winter Humidity presentation at the 2024 Western Poultry Conference. 



How to be Farm Fire-Smart in Today's Uncertain Climate

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