The Western Poultry Conference is an initiative  with the support Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers and Alberta Turkey Producers to provide education and training opportunities for poultry farmers in Alberta and across Western Canada.  A dedicated group of volunteers from government, poultry boards, industry and producers works together to develop top quality Western Poultry Conference programs with high caliber scientific and producer speakers to support farmers in implementing new or updated ideas and techniques on their farm.

" Thank you to our amazing organizing committee. their hard work makes this conference possible! "

The 2023 Organizing Committee is:

  • Brenda Reimer, Poultry Innovation Partnership – Committee Chair
  • Valerie Carney, Poultry Innovation Partnership  – Committee Vice-Chair
  • Nancy Robinson, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers – Treasurer
  • Rob Renema, Alberta Chicken Producers
  • Mike Stahl, Egg Farmers of Alberta Producer
  • Perry Kaita, Steinbach Hatchery
  • Art van Zanten
  • Kim Ton, Cargill
  • Teryn Girard, Prairie Livestock Veterinarians
  • Jerry Emmanuel, Cargill
  • Steve Laycock, Accelerated Agriculture, In